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There are several ways to offer sponsorship to Femicare.

As an Individual you can become Honorary Member by offering a minimum of 25 euro to the organization. Your name will be listed on the website. You are invited to disclose which project you are most interested in, so that your money will be used to help realize that project or start new projects in the same field interest.

 As an organization you may offer technical tools or assistance, logistic services, such as secretary functions, organizational assistance for congresses and meetings, translation or professional writing assistance, transportation facilities etc.

As a pharmaceutical company, you can either involve Femicare in the design of new projects, or invite them to participate as investigator in starting or ongoing projects.

Finally, any company or organization can function as maecenas, by sponsoring a sum greater than 5000 euro, or by organizing fund raising manifestations in favour of Femicare. Your name will than be included in the list of main sponsors.